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Act Now

There are several ways that YOU can take action to reduce unnecessary idling.

Here are a few of them:

 Set the right example by always eliminating unnecessary idling

• Politely remind others of the need to curb idling and of the benefits of doing so.

• Post Anti-Idling signs in key areas like schools. Work with local officials to get permission to do so. Likewise, create your own bumper sticker or download a print out of ours.

• Consult your state’s anti-idling regulations and work for their proper enforcement against egregious violators.
Pollution from idling contributes to global warming. Idling cars and trucks emit carbon dioxide (CO2), a main heat-trapping gas. In New York City alone, idling cars and trucks each year produce 130,000 tons of carbon dioxide, a new EDF report shows (see Idling Gets You Nowhere). To offset this amount of global warming pollution, we would need to plant an area the size of Manhattan with trees every single year. Learn More